The tale of a twinkly man with a kindly disposition

The hinge on which my whole life turnedThere once was a “twinkly man with a kindly disposition” who took a chance on a young lad just out of prison. He enrolled him on a course at the college though the course was technically full and the lad had nothing going for him apart from a beseeching plea for a chance to learn. The lad went on to get outstanding A level results, got a scholarship to Cambridge University and the British public have been inspired by his wit and intelligence ever since.

His name? Stephen Fry.

He credits the college, and the twinkly man, Peter Butler, as “The hinge on which my whole life turned”.

Many tutors each and every year inspire learners – not all of whom bear the same background, or fame, or infamy – past or present – as the illustrious Stephen Fry. But a hinge for turning their life around nonetheless.

Today is the last day for nominations to the Inspire! Adult Learning Awards.

Inspire Awards 2014 logo An opportunity to publicly recognise inspirational tutors in adult learning as well as adults who are in learning.

I’ll leave you with Sara – a producer, director, choreographer, and tutor to learners with a range of physical and learning difficulties in rural Wales. She goes above and beyond. She’s an inspiration. She was recognised last year with an Inspire! Tutor Award.  Also Helen, who started her own childminding business in order to give the best care for severely disabled children (including her own son), and to help other carers through the learning process.  And Pat, who started learning at the age of 84 after her husband passed away and now her life is “being taken over by the digital world” – plus a couple more equally inspirational learners

Who’s your inspiration?

Nominate here.

Deadline 7 Feb 2014


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