Supported Experiments Dissemination Event 2014: What can the wider FE sector learn from Wales?

Educational consultant Joanne Miles’ ponderings on the success of supported experimentation in Wales’ FE sector, asking, “What can the wider FE sector learn from Wales?”



It turns out, quite a lot. I was lucky enough to act as MC for this inspiring event during March 2014 in the heart of Wales and it struck me throughout that Wales has created an approach to experimentation and professional sharing that the wider sector could benefit from. So, how does it work?

In 2012 Wales held their first national T&L conference for the FE sector, where Geoff Petty presented on evidence based teaching methods and I shared findings from Supported Experiments cycles in England. Subsequently, the Welsh Government made available some funding through the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) linked to T&L experimentation, so colleges could bid for a pot of cash to enable them to buy resources, bring in training or consultancy support etc. There is also a multi media repository available through CollegesWales’ Teachers’ Toolbox, with presentations, information and samples of practice that every college can…

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