Money for Life: what I wish I’d known before

Inspiring work experience on the Money for Life Challenge

Great ideas on managing money by Ayesha, a couple of weeks in to her work placement with us.

Ayesha, on work placement with us, reflecting on personal Money for Life Challenge lessons.

I did not receive guidance at school about how to manage money. So it has been great to see a range of organisations and students throughout Wales working to develop their money management skills in a fun – but also serious – challenge.

11 Finalists: all different

All teams have produced such different and diverse projects as part of the Money for Life Challenge; it highlights to me how you can manage money in all parts of life. From upcycling old possessions to paying pensions, these young adults have thought of it all. And through reading their inspiring final submissions I am certainly going to take their tips and advice on board!

Eleven have been selected to participate at the Money for Life Challenge Wales Final at the Doctor Who Experience on 28 April 2015. YES, that’s the DOCTOR WHO EXPERIENCE!

What prestige!

My visits: sneak preview of a couple of finalists

I was lucky enough to meet two of the teams that have been selected to participate in the Wales Final, which was terrific. Although I had read over their first submissions and plans for the projects, I was astonished to see the huge amount of effort and enthusiasm that Gym Value for Money and Beauty Therapy Community Challenge had put in. It made me realise just how rewarding this challenge is.

I think the excellent thing about the project is that it is so much more than money management; the students are developing skills which they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. And the amazing thing is that they are doing it naturally. They weren’t even aware of the variety of skills they were using to complete their projects.  They include:

  • Public speaking and presenting
  • Team work
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation

The list goes on. I only wish I’d had the opportunity to develop so many valuable skills at such an early age. It would have helped me a lot through university.

I was also very impressed with the community support that these groups were providing. The Gym Value for Money team are providing personal training sessions to independent living skills students at their college with physical and mental learning difficulties. It was great to see them interacting with students and consequently integrating them into section of college that they may not have ventured to before.

Similarly, the Beauty Therapy Community Challenge team are providing beauty treatments in a cancer hospice. They said this was an intensely emotional project to undergo and it is excellent to see students pushing themselves to work with their community.

On my visit, I saw how eager the students were to take on board feedback and advice. They wanted to ensure their projects were the best possible and they absorbed all the information they could. Their enthusiasm and drive was infectious!

Coming up: the Wales Final 28 April

I am very much looking forward to the Wales National Final to see the students demonstrating their remarkable achievements. And I’m excited to see how on earth the judges are going to choose winner! I’m glad I’m not the one deciding.

Oh and… did I mention it yet… it’s at the Doctor Who Experience!

Can you tell?  Yes, I’m excited, impressed, inspired!


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