CPD Project WBL Taskforce – A strategy for sustainability

The impact of the Review of Qualifications has been felt across Post 16 education and training in Wales.  In response the ColegauCymru CPD programme was designed to support all colleagues who are involved in delivering skills – whether they work in a college, Adult Learning (ACL) or Work Based Learning (WBL) setting. Working alongside colleagues from Work Based Learning (WBL) on this project has been particularly interesting for members of the Project Team.

The Phases of the project were roughly as follows:

Phase 1 – raising awareness of the changes, eliciting views about what assessment could look like, ensuring voices were heard, helping practitioners to understand how the qualifications would work, listening to managers lay out approaches and identify changes that would need to be introduced.

Phase 2 – working with colleagues from the four Awarding Organisations and Welsh Government on refining the Design Principles then devising, creating and implementing guidance for practitioners and learners.

Phase 3 – the practicalities of teaching, learning and assessment.  Much time was spent developing active delivery methods with elements of creativity and enjoyment to maximise the impact staff could make with their learners in the limited time they have with them. This remains the single greatest concern for the WBL sector.

Staff accessed ESW modules on the ColegauCymru Moodle to complete individual CPD.  They also had access to a learner WEST account where the brave undertook skills testing, gap analysis and skills improvement – just as their learners would. But the real fun was in workshops across Wales looking at content covering ‘Being a Reflective Practitioner’, ‘Building Subject-Specific Skills’ and ‘Achieving Success’ – always maintaining a keen focus on preparing learners for success.

Phase 4 – the future. The final phase of the programme sees the handover of the work to colleagues within the participating organisations. The earlier phases have clearly demonstrated the positive impact of effective partnership and so this forms the basis of the future strategy. To deliver this sustainable legacy, Lisa Harris (Chair of NTfW ESW Network) and Tori Edwards (Vice Chair of ColegauCymru equivalent) facilitated the meeting of a pan-Wales taskforce of trainers on 10th November 2016 to discuss the challenges and agree ways to progress.

As in Phase 2, the focus will be how to maintain and further develop high quality learning for all learners to support them to succeed.  Once operational, this team will facilitate events in North and South Wales before following up with developments in their own organisation or consortium – so ensuring that new and existing staff will continue to benefit from the legacy of the project.



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