Legacy of the CPD Project: Preparing for a changing world

All around us there are massive changes underway. Britain is poised to leave the European Union, the President Elect in the USA is an ex-reality TV host and the world in general seems to be increasingly complicated and fragmenting.

In our own sector with the huge changes to Essential Skills, the Welsh Baccalaureate and GCSEs, what can be done to increase resilience for the unpredictable times ahead? More than ever we need wise and practical leaders who enable and encourage their staff to develop so that they are at the top of their game when delivering learning.

There are many ways for leaders to support their staff to hone their abilities but one of the most cost effective is by encouraging them to attend webinars and access resources that are already available and sometimes free, online.   

The ColegauCymru CPD project (now funded by Qualifications Wales) comes to a natural end in June 2017 but everyone involved is focussed on ensuring that its legacy lives on long after that date. Some of the Digital Literacy resources developed on the project are already freely available online and others are in the pipeline. In addition many of the webinars that have been held to date were recorded and are available – and this number will increase during the remaining months of the project. The resources – which will be available bilingually – and webinars, are free to access through the Skills Post16 section of the ColegauCymru Moodle  and they will continue to be available beyond 2017.

So if you are looking to increase resilience in your organisation and prepare yourself or your staff for the future – keep visiting the ColegauCymru Moodle in the coming months to see the range of bilingual resources build – and watch out for the CPD Project dissemination conference.


About Claire Roberts

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