Colegau Cymru Colleges WalesColegauCymru / CollegesWales is the national organisation representing all 13 further education (FE) colleges / institutions in Wales.

Colleges Wales UK InternationalCollegesWales (UK) International is part of ColegauCymru / CollegesWales.  Its purpose is to offer more opportunities to learners in Wales and raise their aspirations.

The blog:

This blog concerns further education policy as it relates to Wales. We anticipate its readers are predominantly those who work in the further education sector and those interested in further education policy, culture and politics. We hope to improve the quality of public discussion and debate on further education policy and provide a platform for a sector not often discussed in mainstream media.

Views expressed in the blogposts are those of the respective authors. They should not be considered official ColegauCymru policy. ColegauCymru is not aligned to any political party.

If you would like to guest author a blogpost, please contact ColegauCymru on:
T: 029 20522 500     E: Claire.roberts@colegaucymru.ac.uk

A note on comments:

This site is a place that allows for the free exchange of ideas and opinion in an open and constructive way.

We welcome comments, discussions, suggestions and feedback. There is always a comment box under each blogpost.

Comments on posts are moderated – please be courteous to contributors and authors and conduct yourself as you would offline in the spirit of open and constructive dialogue.

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